Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Old Blog, New Direction

Well, a lot has gone on in the years since I last typed to this blog, but as I started this to be a dumping ground of sorts, and after losing almost all of my beer recipes due to a computer melt down, I decided it was time to start capturing them in the cloud. So being that as it may I decided that every time I brew or have a new cigar, I will come on here and give the recipe or rate the cigar so that I have a quick place to reference things as I go. So with that here is my first New Era Post.

I will start out with my weekend brew fest. I finally was able to get around to brewing a couple of beers this weekend. The first was a take of a Scottish wee heavy recipe that I had read. I can not truly call this a Scottish wee heavy as well I didn't use really any of the grains that would be in one, or the yeast, but the brewing technique was the same:

Scotsmn30's Wee Heavy

14 # American 2 row
1 # Choclate Malt (U.S.)

1 oz. Fuggles 45 min.
1 0z. Kent Golding 5 min.

Nottingham Yeast.

Mash @ 154 for 90 min.

Pull 1st gallon of runnings off and boil down to 1 quart to caramelize. Add back to boil with last hops addition.

Pull 8.5 gallons into boil kettle and boil for 120 min.

Now the long boil time and the caramelization are suppose to add a real earthiness to the beer. It came out a lot darker than I had thought, but it did not have the dark smell or flavor so will be interesting to see how it turns out.

The Second beer of the day was a wheat beer:

Scotsmn30's Hefe

3.5 # American 2 row
2.5 # Marris Otter
5 # Wheat Malt
1 # instant Grits

.75 oz. Hallertau 45 min
.25 oz. Hallertau 15 min

Nottingham yeast.

90 min mash @ 154

Pull 7.5 gallons to boil kettle and boil 60 min.

Now I had a buddy of mine do a version of this with out the Marris Otter and it was awesome, but as I like to make my own way in the beer world, I decided to add just a little extra. Will report back on the differences.

And Finally, The Cigar of the weekend - Eagle by Rocky Patel

This is a special blend cigar done up for the local cigar shop. It is a very good mellow smoke for such a dark rapper and a very pleasant surprise. I would say it is a top in my cigar list.