Monday, February 2, 2009

Old Friends Found, Isn't life to short for loss??

This last week I was found. No not in the religious way, that is impossible for this old Scotsman. No by found I mean I heard from and old friend. We had parted ways over 12 years ago in a time in our lives that all young people must live through to grow up. In the brief conversations of forgiveness on each side and a lot of catching up, I got to thinking. Life really is to short to just let things, especially friendships, to go unresolved and to just deteriorate away to nothingness. What would our lives have been if we had not had to live out the drama's of life to get to where we are now. Would we be the same. Could our kids have become the friends we use to be. To grow up do we have to go through the hell to find the real peace. I would hope to save my children from this but yet I also now that I am a better person for going though the darkness and I want my kids to be the best they can. See the irony here.

Back to the lost and found. I do really hope to get the friendship back and to see what can happen. Can we be closer now that we know how dark life can get and know what to avoid? Or having gone so long with out the sharing of the experiences of our lives will it just be mearly getting together and thinking what could have been? I personally think that it could be better for the knowing that we have been to the bottom and know how to strive for the top and survive. Time will tell.

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