Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas is a Joke!!!!!!

First let me start out that this is not a post against religion in anyway. My beliefs, though probably not the same as you the reader, have nothing to do with this segment.
Christmas, like most holidays any more, has gotten away from its origins. Now it can be stated that Jesus was possibly born on this day, or that this is just a holiday that was made so that the religious right could make it easier for the pagans that celebrated the winter solstice to be converted. Either way it originated as a true celebration or life and the sharing of that enjoyment with others that we love.
On to current times and the commercialism that is taking over every aspect of life. Now a good christmas is determined by the world by the number of dollars spent shopping, was the latest and greatest toy given to your children. I have come to hate the holidays. What is there to look forward to. I see my wife spend and spend and spend to get presents for everyone under the sun. This is money that we do not have and will be trying to still pay off even next year when it all starts again just like we currently are. And it is not like I have not tried to get out of it. Hell I can not even leave town this year the week of christmas but yet every family must find a way to make the day to get together and get gifts exchanged even earlier. People, get a clue, I do not want to be a part of Christmas. All it does is piss me off and yet it is a major crime for me to say I do not want to be there. I am ok with doing christmas on christmas day for my kids, though that in itself is the cause for most of this problem. I have young kids and try to let them enjoy it as much and as long as they can, but it is getting more difficult. Oh well, guess that is the burden of living in the modern day where the almighty dollar is the only thing that counts.

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