Sunday, January 13, 2008

Making of a Kegerator - Part 1 - Clean up

Well after getting the beer bottle cooler home and it being a beutiful weekend I decided to get start on the clean up. I started digging in to the inside and found that it was not as bad as I had first thought and just a bit (ok lot) of surface rust. I got the shop vac out and started getting all the old bottle caps, dust bunnies from the inside and the motor compartment. Then it was time for the wire brush. Soon I had rust dust flying so thick that I had to wait for it to settle so that I could see where I was at. After a lot of wheel time I ran to the store and bought a couple cans of rustoleum paint. I figured that this would help protect the metal at the bottom in case of any spills, future bottle breakage or any number of things. Ok time to get high. I get the paint shook up and started painting. I am rather shocked at the results. It looks great. I have a 20lbs. CO2 tank that is roughly the same size as a 5lbs. keg. the bottom will fit 5 kegs and the CO2 container. It will also allow for 2 cases of bottles on the top step. Next step will be for the outside. I have not quite figured out what I want to do with that yet but I am sure that an idea will present itself. Below is the after shots.

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