Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Die Hard Fans??? NOT!!!

You have to love the public in general. We live in a world where we are required to work more and more hours in a day and even weekends are on the endangered list. That puts a premium on the time we have for personal entertainment. That being said, you have to love the complete lack of dedication to that entertainment. For example, I live in what we lovingly call Butt-Twitch Kansas. We have for years on end complained and complained that there is a complete lack of entertainment or for that mater any thing fun to do in this town. Now we have a Hockey team that is exciting, Fast Paced, entertaining and Cheap to go see. To keep this team here and the entertainment associated with it all it takes is for people to get there Butts in the seats. I have a lot of people that I talk to that say they are Die hard fans but yet those same fans only go to the game ON OCCASION. If we have a 2 game home stand they might make an effort to make one game. Come on that is not a Die Hard, hell that is not even a fan of entertainment. Come on people, if you are going to bitch, whine, and complain about the lack of anything to do in this town then get off your asses and support the entertainment that is here. Go to all the games you can. Don't just sit on you ass at home and think that your are too worn out or too sick, admit that your at just TOO DAMN LAZY to make an effort. And since you are not making the effort do not under any circumstance complain that you are bored and that there is nothing to do when you loss the one chance you had. END OF RANT.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Birds, Upset Dogs

Well as you can guess from the title opening day of hunting season was not one of my best outings. My two English Pointers did their Papa proud, unfortunetly their Papa could not hit the board side of the barn that day. It is said thing to have one dog stick the most buitiful point you have ever seen, the other dog back it with absolute certainty, the bird is flushed, shots are fired, and the bird is safe. The disappointment in the dogs eyes as they look at you saying " what the hell, I did my job, you slacker." This is what I get for not taking the time to get out to do some practicing. I am not the best shot by far but lets look at the score for this weekend, birds 8 - hunters o, and you can see that I sucked. Well the good news is that we know where the birds are at and have time to take our revenge