Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Scotchless Scotsman

Sound like the beginnings of a sad story I believe. Well in my case it is, but only do to the fact that I am also a lazy Scotsman and just have not gotten to the local liquor store to procure a bottle of the fine nectar that is the life blood of every true Celt. The reason I started this session is that I was sitting at my desk thinking what a fine day it would be for a coffee, a fine single malt, and a fly rod. The weather here today is about as good as it gets and where am I, stuck at the grind. Now I try to console myself with the knowledge that I have to be here in order to afford the coffee, scotch, and fly rod, but it just does not seem to be working. My mind is always thinking, what if. What a terrible question, what if. This is a question that usually gets a person in trouble. It is the cause for most of my bad moods. What if I won the lottery. What if I had been born into money. What if I had figured out the internet sooner and got in on the .com boom. All these questions just lead me back to wanting the coffee, scotch, and Fly rod more and hence the vicious circle of life. Oh well, I guess I will just have to stay at work and pray that days like this will come again and maybe then I will be evil minded enough to call in sick. I feel a cough coming on.........

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A little Rant

I live in what my Irish buddy affectionately call Butt-twitch Kansas. To put this place in perspective lets give you a run down of the local activities available for entertainment purposes... Ya that is pretty much it, none, nota, zero. This is the land of the dead, our local zip codes even start with 666_ everywhere. The even sadder part of this is that we have an absolutely worthless idea of a local government that can not figure out that you need to have business coming into town to get people into town, but that is another rant for a later date. What I am leading to in this is that being in the town of the dead I believe that people have come to expect that nothing will last and that everything will die out fast, which granted with that way of thinking it has. In this case we have a new hockey team that has decided to call this place home. This team is great with an active owner and staff that have also made Butt-twitch home. Yet we have idiots that go out of there way to try and make this team quit before it even gets started. I ask you, what is wrong with entertainment people. What is wrong with trying to find something to support in life. What is wrong with trying to find a little life enrichment once in a great while. If you are that set in your ways and want life to be ever boring then do the rest of us a favor and become a shut in, Please I am begging you. Quit trying to bring person without a brain to your way of thinking. Let them think for themselves for a change.

Now back to the good news. The Roadrunner's (the afore mentioned hockey team) had a great opening weekend in their new home. For those that do not know, this is a junior hockey team that is associated with the NAHL and is made up of kids that are in the transition between high school and college. These are kids that you may one day soon see in the NHL as a star. In their first game they started out a bit on the nervous side which is to be a bit expected since for some of them this was the first time in front of fans and for others this is the first time they were in this big of a fan experience. The team soon calmed down and the game turned to a route with the final score of 5-1. They played fast, hard and exciting hockey that anyone, fan or newcomer alike could enjoy. Way to go guys and I for one will look forward to a long and exciting relationship.